Zarinpal payment gateway

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Zarinpal payment portal is one of the most used internet payment portals in Iran and many Iranian sites use this payment portal to settle accounts with their customers.
Supported versions: 3.80, 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40
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zarinpal plugin

Zarinpal is one of the trusted payment portals in Iran, through which many domestic websites transact and settle their store accounts. You can manage payments or even refunds to the account through the Zarinpal site itself.

In addition, part of the client's information is specified for the portal owner, so that in the event of a deposit, he can track each payment, or in the event of the portal owner's dissatisfaction, he can return the money deposited to the desired account.

Zarinpal can also offer you a payment gateway themselves, for this you just need to register on the Zarinpal website and after completing your authentication information; Define the desired product in the Zarinpal panel.

With this, a payment link will be created for each of your products and you will be able to offer your products or services through this link on many social networks such as Telegram, Instagram or internal messengers.

For better management and to prevent any abuse of clients' trust, all websites using Zarinpal portal for settlement of accounts are required to display a logo related to this portal in the footer of their site.

If a customer wants to make sure of the correctness of the portal, just click on this logo and view the site owner information in Zarinpal itself. Also, through this page, you can complain about any problem in the provision of services or fraud.

Except for the functionality that Zarinpal has put in place for follow-up and complaints; This process helps you distinguish phishing pages or fake payment portals from the genuine ones.

Zarinpal has even provided the facility to apply discount codes in its dashboard. Of course, Nopcommerce store builders themselves have the ability to apply and create discount codes, and this feature in Zarinpal is only suitable for people who don't have a website.

In terms of security, Zarinpal uses the ASP.NET language and is fully compatible with the Nopcommerce store builder. Zarinpal itself provides plugins for different CMS so that users and website owners can easily have a portal on their site by installing these plugins.

Nopcommerce is also one of the stores where you don't need any coding knowledge to connect to Zarinpal payment gateway, and by installing Zarinpal plugin, you can easily use this payment gateway.

Of course, before doing this, we suggest that you first prepare a Tax ID number for your business and after authenticating yourself in Zarinpal, place the payment gateway plugin on your website.