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nopCommerce is an Open Source software for creating online stores with the ASP framework. NET MVC and C# language is developed.

Nopcommerce is a one-size-fits-all storefront platform that supports small businesses and large enterprises. Also, Nopcommerce features are enough for any store with any type of product.

Nopcommerce store builder is the most powerful free store builder in Iran and you can modify it and design your own site by changing the source codes.

Modifying the source codes of this powerful CMS is very simple and easy for programmers, and in terms of stability, nopcommerce is much more powerful than other free CMS.

This CMS is fully modular and flexible and every feature and functionality that the customer needs can be easily installed and configured on it in the form of a module. You should also know that this online store builder has been downloaded more than hundreds of millions of times and more than 50,000 online stores have been launched with Nopcommerce!

Another unique feature of this powerful store builder is its ability to update and upgrade, unlike many existing store builders that require you to reinstall your store or transfer your database information, etc., by simply running a script file and copying How many files you can update your shop builder to the new version.

Of course, if you use the new versions of Nopcommerce, you will no longer need to run a script to update it, and the CMS itself will make the necessary changes for you based on the database you provide.

فروشگاه ساز ناپ‌کامرس

Information about the security of this CMS; nopcommerce is undoubtedly one of the most secure CMS available. Sure, in the world of security, no system or software is completely secure, but compared to many existing CMSs, Nopcommerce has fewer vulnerabilities at lower levels.

Other features of Nopcommerce include responsive design, advanced filtering, shopping cart and checkout process, flexibility, etc. In addition, nopcommerce supports multilingual stores and unlike some CMSs that only provide left-aligned or right-aligned formats, nopcommerce can be presented in any language.

For shops that operate internationally, it is very important that their shop can be presented seamlessly to customers and users in the form of multiple languages or dialects.

Some CMSs don't natively support multiple languages, that's why creating multiple languages on them using a plugin slows down the site, but with Nopcommerce the story is different. Nopcommerce natively supports 56 live languages, including Farsi.

If you need to present your online store in another language besides these languages, you can add a language to Nopcommerce yourself. Of course, I don't think it's necessary to add a new language in practice, considering the capabilities of Nopcommerce.

As far as payment gateway plugins are concerned, Nopcommerce is also very comprehensive and no camber is seen. Many payment gateway plugins for Nopcommerce are developed by Nopcommerce programming team and are fully compatible with different versions of Nopcommerce without any issues.

Another feature that can be mentioned about this CMS is full support for Gregorian and solar dates. In this case, many other CMS still struggle because they are only able to use one date and time type across the entire site.

Maybe if you had researched Nopcommerce two years ago, you wouldn't have found interesting results, but now Nopcommerce has advanced a lot and has surpassed many of its competitors, and you can install and use it with full confidence in the future of this software. Use it to earn more.

The NopNop website has been offering its clients the use of this powerful CMS along with SEO services, content creation and site optimization for years. Before using any CMS for your store, it is better to know that each software has advantages and disadvantages that distinguish it from other software.



Nopcommerce is undoubtedly one of the CMS that has the least disadvantages for providing an online store.

If you still have doubts about using Nopcommerce, you can contact our technical team for further advice.

Features of Nopcommerce

nopcommerce as a very powerful CMS for selling products; It offers you many features. Many things can be mentioned about the superiority of this popular CMS over other existing CMS. Here we have tried to explain some of these practical features to you:

Advanced CMS

It can be easily said that Nopcommerce is one of the most professional and advanced CMS available in the field of selling and introducing products.


downloadable products

Nopcommerce is professionally designed to sell products and you can use it to offer any product to customers.


free and open source

The open source capability of nopcommerce has made many programmers to turn to this CMS.


Product management

The ability to manage warehouse and salable products is only one of the capabilities of nopcommerce to sell your products.


high security

Security is definitely one of the things that site owners attach great importance to. You can trust nopcommerce in this case.


Full language support

Not only Farsi language, Nopcommerce has the ability to be presented in all languages and there is no limit in it.



Expandability is another feature of nopcommerce that has made many online stores use it.


manage users

Many features have been created in nopcommerce to manage users so that you can easily manage the users of your site.


Update capability

Definitely updateability for any product that is offered in the form of software; It increases its security and efficiency.


With the release of newer versions of NopCommerce as well as plugins and extensions produced by many programmers for Nopcommerce, the capabilities of this CMS are getting better day by day.

On the other hand, you cannot compare nopcommerce with any other free and open source CMS to showcase your products. Many shops and companies have chosen to migrate to this CMS thanks to the features of nopcommerce.

Furthermore, the features offered to site owners naturally and for free in nopcommerce are much more than you will need. The goal of the Nopcommerce programming team is to provide the best possible products of an online store.

As for nopcommerce templates, you will not have any restrictions to change the look and feel of your store and you can create your own template and use it for your online store.