Features of Nopcommerce

Features of Nopcommerce

Surely you've heard the name Nopcommerce and have information about it. It should be noted that Nopecommerce is an international shopping platform that will be practical and suitable for all businesses.

Nopcommerce has very high capabilities and this has made it useful for thousands of companies around the world, both at the small business and large enterprise level.

The range of use of Nopcommerce is very wide, in fact, all small businesses, online retailers, old and large online businesses or all people who want to sell physical or digital goods over the Internet can use Nopcommerce to start or develop their business . your own work.

In this article from the NopNop website, we intend to review the features of Nopcommerce and provide information about it to you dear ones. So stay with us till the end of this article for more information.

What is Nopcommerce?

As mentioned, Nopcommerce is an ecommerce platform that can be used to fulfill all the needs of merchants and sellers.

One very important thing to know is that this platform is used by small entrepreneurs like shops and big entrepreneurs like international companies all over the world!

Using this platform, all businesses big and small can offer their customers both their physical and digital products. One of the benefits of Nopcommerce is its open source.

This is why many developers are active on this platform, and this has increased the quality and standard structure of Nopcommerce compared to the custom platforms available in the market. As a business owner, you can easily find all the tools you need to enter the world of ecommerce in Nopcommerce.

What are the features of Nopcommerce?

Nopcommerce is a complete online store building software that has a lot of features. Among the important features of Nopcommerce are the following:

1) Definition of products and services

  • The product can be downloaded as a download file
  • Gift product as a gift card
  • periodic services
  • Rental product
  • The product can be pre-sold

2) Nopcommerce is the first localized Persian platform.

  • Full compliance with Iran's financial laws and processes
  • Support for Farsi language and solar date
  • Ability to integrate with Iranian software and services such as accounting and...
  • Comprehensive dedicated user guide in Farsi language

3) content production (creating various contents)

  • Content creation for products
  • blogging
  • Register news
  • Creating a landing screw
  • Create a forum
  • The ability to record comments, questions and answers for each product

4) User management

  • User registration via email or mobile number
  • Create custom fields for registration
  • Ability to set user role
  • View online users
  • Ability to search for users
  • Using external authentication for user login


Other features of Nopcommerce include the following:

  • Advanced Pricing
  • Advanced sales
  • System maintenance and support
  • Management panel
  • Inventory management
  • Various discounts
  • inventory
  • Multi-store functionality


What are the features of Nopcommerce?


The most important features and features of Nopcommerce:

As we have mentioned in the previous sections, Nopcommerce is a fully featured online store building software, which will be very easy and convenient to use. This very handy platform is designed based on the latest technology in the world and displays well on all devices including the following:

  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • computer and...

With Nopcommerce, you can easily transform your business and multiply your sales. Yes, you heard right! Using this platform, sales can be doubled. Thanks to Nopcommerce's comprehensive features, you can easily use it to create all kinds of online stores. Among the features and facilities of Nopcommerce, the following can be mentioned:

1) Advanced CMS in Nopcommerce:

Using CMS or content management plugins, you can design and create new pages (articles, news, announcements, tips, reviews, etc.) for websites. You can also write an article; Write reviews etc. about products and add links to them on the product detail page. Having articles on websites is very important because with these articles you can improve your website in search engine rankings.

2) Nopcommerce is free and open source:

Another important feature of Nopcommerce is its open source. It can be recognized that the open source of this handy and special platform allows store site managers to customize it for their own store using their own tools and facilities.

By using the open source of Nopcommerce, many items and services can be added to sites, and many possible problems that you may encounter while working can also be corrected.

3) Management of warehouse goods:

By using Nopcommerce, you can better manage your inventory goods. In fact, this platform has many advantages in stock, which we mention below:

  • Define different warehouses for products
  • Enter warehouse code for each product
  • The total cost of manufacturing the product to calculate profit
  • Product management of each warehouse
  • Warehouse assignment to sellers

4) Support for all languages:

It should be noted that one of the most important features of the Nopcommerce platform is the support of a multilingual system. Indeed, this platform supports all the languages of the world and can be used in any country!

Using this system, the store manager can define different languages for his store and change all user parts and management panel to that language by simply uploading the resource file of the desired language.

Also, it should be mentioned that stores can give their store users the ability to choose and change the language of the store so that each user can change the language of the store according to their needs.

5) Ability to manage users

Another important feature in this platform; Site user management. This feature brings many benefits, including the following:

  • User registration via email or mobile number
  • Create custom fields for registration
  • Ability to set user role
  • View online users
  • Ability to search for users
  • Using external authentication for user login

The importance of managing users of a store:

A store is needed to manage its users. This allows them to know customer needs, best-selling products, etc. Fortunately, this can be achieved using the Nopcommerce platform. In fact, store managers can use this platform to control all users of their store and increase sales.

6) Ability to develop in Nopcommerce:

Due to the open source nature of the Nopcommerce platform, many developers have worked on this platform and this has increased the standard quality and structure of this platform as compared to the custom platforms available in the market.

Nopcommerce offers the best of open source and commercial platforms. Using this platform; There is also the possibility of developing sites in any mode, which is a major advantage in this regard.

7) Ability to update Nopcommerce:

As mentioned so far, Nopcommerce is a very practical and suitable solution with many features for entrepreneurs. Whatever business or business you have, you can use this platform.

It should be noted that those who have recently decided to enter the field of e-commerce, as well as those who have been in this field, can develop their business at a very affordable cost.

Furthermore, it can be acknowledged that Nopcommerce is constantly being updated, which not only increases the functionality and optimization of this platform but also completely eliminates the existing problems and security holes which have not been detected in previous versions of Nopcommerce.

One very important thing to know is that updating the platform yourself is very easy. But if this platform has a lot of plugins and is customized, then updating it can be a difficult and time-consuming task that requires high knowledge and skills.

We recommend that you consult our experts on the NopNop site before upgrading your version of Nopcommerce and then upgrade.

8) Top Commerce multi-store feature:

Another very important feature of Nopcommerce is its multi-store feature. By using multi-store, other sellers can sell their products in your store and you can also provide a nice profit for your business.

In other words, doing this will go a long way towards increasing the economic growth of the store. It can also be recognized that Nopcommerce has many structures in the multi-vendor sector, which includes many of the necessary structures for the store and other sellers.

Of course, these facilities and features are not enough and the need for more services and features in this store builder is very visible. Now, it is worth mentioning that to increase the capabilities and structures of the multi-vendor section in Nopcommerce, you should definitely use plugins.

Nopcommerce advanced multi-vendor plugin:

Undoubtedly, Nopcommerce advanced multi-seller plugin will provide the store and other sellers with many more and more comprehensive features and capabilities, which can be very useful for stores.

These facilities will help store managers and other sellers a lot in management. There are features like the following in the Nopcommerce advanced multi-vendor plugin:

  • Inventory management
  • Management of shipment of goods
  • Create a revenue page for the seller
  • Vendor management page

Also, the sellers can add all kinds of different products such as simple, adjustable, virtual and downloadable in the store.

9) The possibility of polling in Nopcommerce:

The survey is one of the important tools of an online store. It should be noted that all steps of the order registration and purchase process will be performed by the customer in person, and the business and store owners may not be fully aware of customer satisfaction, and there is a possibility that points weaknesses that the customer sees in terms of Shop owners stay away.

This issue can affect customer loyalty and their repeat purchases from the store in question and cause the store to be rejected. For this reason it is very important to survey and see the opinions of users and buyers in any case. In fact, the survey will bring the following benefits:

  1. Using surveys, entrepreneurs can get the necessary information from their customers after receiving the purchased products.
  2. When customers express their opinions and negative points, sellers can improve the needed items and increase the quality of their store, which increases the probability of purchase.
  3. The survey plugin allows the store owners to send the desired link to the customers using SMS system after the order status is changed to received.
  4. After receiving the order, the customers will receive a short message containing the link to the desired form to complete the survey form using that link.

10) Advanced pricing:

As you know, price has a big impact on the sale of goods and services. Advanced pricing on goods and services can be done easily using Nopcommerce. Among the advantages and features of this topic will be the following:

  • Determination of the selling price of the product, previous price, special price
  • The ability to define the basic selling price of the product
  • The total cost of manufacturing the product
  • Pricing before bidding
  • Ability to view the request for the price
  • The possibility of receiving the price offer requested by the customer

11) Creating a landing page in Nopcommerce:

As you know, landing page refers to the pages which usually have marketing goals in mind and are designed and built for marketing these pages.

You might confuse these pages with the main website pages, but it should be noted that these pages are very different from the main websites and will function completely separately.

Therefore, this landing page is fully designed based on pre-planned plans and will be crafted to achieve all kinds of marketing goals. Using Nopcommerce, you can easily create website landing pages.

12) Scheduled content:

The good news is that using Nopcommerce, you can easily use scheduled content on your sites. It should be noted that by using the content calendar in the content planning and publishing section of the Novin Hub, you will have continuous and regular activity with less time spent on social networks.

13) The importance of a safe store:

Today, all of us have once made an online purchase from Instagram sites and pages, and under some circumstances, we were dissatisfied with our purchase or our purchase was not completed successfully.

This problem makes us stop going to the desired store and the online store sale faces many problems. It can in fact be recognized that one of the reasons for the failure of internet purchases from sites is their insecurity.

In other words, you went to unreliable sites without having a set of information and checking it, the result of which was not pleasant. Therefore, if you want to start a shop or have an online store, you should consider its security. Luckily, using Nopcommerce, you can easily bring security to stores.

Why is Nopcommerce more secure?

It should be noted that one of the most important and basic points of maintaining security is the use of an advanced backup system. In general, Nopcommerce security is very high. The important thing is that in Windows host servers, backups are performed on a scheduled basis and stored in large numbers on two separate servers in two data centers.

This means that information is stored in two disks simultaneously so that even if one of the hands has a defect, the other is healthy and ready to work with the same content.

In addition to this highly advanced information storage and application system, the security provisions are also considered to be of a high standard in Nopcommerce and servers, and the Windows host servers are configured securely away from bugs and security issues.

14) Definition of each type of product and service in Nopcommerce:

As mentioned in the previous parts, any product or service can be defined using this store building platform. In fact, the products you offer on this platform can also be used as gift cards or downloadable files. On the other hand, periodic services and pre-sale products can also be considered.

Downloadable products:

Nopcommerce has many features for creating downloadable products. As you know, the security of downloaded files is very important: users should not be able to access downloadable files from an online store without authorized access.

The volume of downloaded files may be so large that it takes time to upload to your site. In Nopcommerce CMS, you have the option to upload files from your computer or even from Internet addresses. Therefore, if you have purchased a high-speed host, your worry about the time-consuming process will be much less.

For products downloaded on Nopcommerce, you can specify a time limit or the number of download times for each file. For example, you can specify that after payment, the customer has up to 3 days to download the file, or they can download the file up to 10 times.

After exceeding this limit, users have to pay again to download the file in order to access the file's content. It is also possible to create a user agreement for each product in Nopcommerce.

In addition, Nopcommerce also provides the ability to insert a sample file, which gives customers the assurance that they are buying and downloading the right product.

It is possible to specify that when the customer pays the cost of a product, he will be given the possibility to download it, or this possibility can be done manually on the CMS. In general, Nopcommerce has provided unique functionality for downloadable products without plugins.

Also, you can provide more features for your online store by downloading various plugins for Nopcommerce.

Periodic services:

This store building platform periodically updates its services and provides stores with new features every time it is updated. If you're looking to build a powerful and comprehensive online store, you'd better get Nopcommerce to help you.

Gift card in Nopcommerce:

In Nopcommerce, in addition to the ability to sell any type of product you like, you also have the ability to sell gift cards. This topic can be very useful and practical for you as an online shop manager.

As you know, gift cards are considered to be a great marketing tool in online stores today and offer you a chance to reach more customers and increase your sales. This attractive marketing tool will definitely motivate their owners to buy more.

15) Pre-sale ability:

If you offer products that need to be pre-sold, Nopcommerce is the best option for you. This system can add product presale functionality to your site using special plugins.


Comparison of Nopcommerce features with other free CMS


Comparison of Nopcommerce features with other free CMS:

It should be noted that there are so many content management systems (CMS) out there that it can be a bit difficult to choose among them. In fact, today you can use both the Nopcommerce cms and the free cms.

It can be recognized that the content management system is a special software and it is designed in such a way that it can meet the needs of most users and it also provides great customization feature so that you can modify the site to your liking.

Nopcommerce cms are much more powerful than free cms. With free cms, depending on what you want to do with it, you may need to hire a developer to help you! On the other hand, there won't be many options for additional plugins.

Features of WordPress store compared to Nopcommerce:

You may also have heard that WordPress store features are much less than Nopcommerce. If you are looking to start an online store and want to manage your products in the best possible way, WooCommerce will help you a lot.

However, WordPress systems are not as powerful as the Nopcommerce system, and in this regard, Nopcommerce is stronger. It should be noted that WooCommerce shop management system helps you register your products fully professionally and smoothly in the management section and users can view them in your shop.

However, Nopcommerce's possibilities for product management and customer management will be much greater. Also, in WooCommerce, users can easily choose the products they need through the site, and by paying, they can register their orders fully automatically and without the need for manual work by the store management, in the management section of WooCommerce.

For more information about NopCommerce, you can refer to the NopNop website and consult experts on the subject.