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Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: b23fa166
MD5: d55f43089c7229256570fd88712e3498
SHA1: 3505a530386df49044625d46d5b0c1e5d4a94c70
SHA-256: f16945dd9b6417a613d0c98e27e792787cfc5439887b4140cccb84d82838d90e
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.50
CRC32: 5d2c1957
MD5: 709211975445afc6d4563d64cad4e67a
SHA1: 6c987eff1895744b9ce4326403494b8b8ce9641d
SHA-256: 57654b5cffa3fa1502c0c81db2d68bb03dfeb38587a4e4ae86ff6941301e954a
450,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.40
CRC32: aba52ff9
MD5: 0cede32141c4851770c2333ace7867b1
SHA1: a3c276e1d2d538355ec40deb67b7ba68d8909ba0
SHA-256: f5e8c731fe29cad67a721f32802e1ec3a200fd9655781c59be8c369073fdad9e
400,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.30
CRC32: a2a9a508
MD5: 6694c3afcbb123a4144535bb3797360c
SHA1: f184c24f294252e40b8b0359ed477e351983183e
SHA-256: 4769026ebefa0a71aceb96ff7c0d24abeeb446551bf77bb8e27c1577695d8d73
300,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.20
CRC32: 8002cdac
MD5: b8fc744bd5cbe72d3e3a1ff1636d78e8
SHA1: 8cb95d80114ab31c255cd16f08986711743b6bc6
SHA-256: d4aa81c4cf81c7cd3706788c34abf2990a06c5aecbd463486ff3959b4fc2415f
200,000 تومان

Nop Venture Theme

Venture is an incredibly powerful template that combines high ecommerce functionality with a unique design. The homepage filter, megamenu and smart product collection will direct your customer to the product. The template comes with 14 very nice plugins, which have been completely Persianized by the Nap Nap team.

Business model

By choosing this template, you can use different main pages for your shop and choose the right look for your shop.

This template is built with 14 unique plug-ins or plugins, and integrating your store with Facebook will play a big role in helping you sell.

This template is suitable for those who want to display multiple products or product categories on the homepage and creates a nice composition and layout in this regard.

You can also display the main thing a customer needs to know about a product, i.e. the price, as well as a brief description related to it on the main page, as well as pictures of the special packages on the main page.

This format has the ability to display different manufacturers or brands in the form of a menu.

In the menus of this format, the image of the categories and sub-categories is visible under each of them, that all these features will help you to provide a complete and well-equipped online store to your customers.

Among the general characteristics of the Nap models, the following can be mentioned:

Responsive design

The format is unique on any device of any size and gives the customer a great shopping experience from a desktop or mobile phone.

14 extensions or plugins

The templates, together with the complete package of 14 plugins, provided a complete solution for a complete online purchase anticipating all needs.

Color versions

You can choose your favorite color or use our preset template colors.

SEO optimization

Nap templates follow SEO using best practices and URL friendly markup.