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Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: b8a6f030
MD5: 84b9a1afd67b2fe2053e9a67376cf2b9
SHA1: eb05320d80c8f5b7e1932ecaef6d05d1e367dbbc
SHA-256: fc552dc4ed80915d68b64b091bfb57397c48bbb0e3f3ce0e59b1c175a034d993
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.50
CRC32: 432a8e59
MD5: 3c230b6412fe4e39b470f8df2e0fd64e
SHA1: b5e642d47ad4475434c1d5af9783a12fc2ddf48b
SHA-256: b80f32acafa8f313a56d49020edaaace6fe536b060b0bad8f22139cada0a2dcb
450,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.40
CRC32: e3649d93
MD5: cf40faef9857b342f9fcc9ad200fd305
SHA1: a06f22ec23fff3119a6e6f92b736b65113bc27a3
SHA-256: 5d0dd9102464ae73b93b3629f3683730c249e02f1ac07d17b7e8c7e9cc0bddd0
400,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.30
CRC32: 086583ce
MD5: e5b9e837299a12fd4955d2d071f64d5a
SHA1: 0df2bf5369867d95cb0a8d268223e86b22f93053
SHA-256: b6fc24fcfd119f1dbaf14dc560d6b95bd9bc2f6d9a665101e8e9ceae5a7d61f9
300,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.20
CRC32: 878a438c
MD5: 560a20166f4f80bcede5059b59f8ed09
SHA1: 16d43d3f8cf70727f43ead72be116cf67c818ddc
SHA-256: b3a1ade1732e100a6c4fa018339021a7502d9e60259bebd4e176f54254a3622f
200,000 تومان

قالب Nop Prisma

Prisma is a model designed to adapt to any product catalogue. Its extremely beautiful design and diversified layout in 4 styles will attract the attention of your customers.

Nop Prisma Theme

By choosing this template, you can use various main pages for your business and choose the right look for your business.

This template is built with 14 unique plugins or plugins, and integrating your business with Facebook will play a big part in helping you sell.

This template is suitable for those who want to display multiple products or product categories on the homepage and create a nice composition and layout for this purpose.

You can also see on the main page the main things a customer needs to know about a product, namely the price, as well as a short description related to it, as well as all the pictures of the special packages present on the main page.

This format has the ability to display different brands or brands in the form of a menu.

In the menus of this format, under each of them you can see the image of categories and sub-categories, and all these features will help you provide your customers with a complete and well-equipped store.

Features of the Nop Prisma theme:

Responsive design

The format is unique on any device of any size and offers the customer an exceptional shopping experience on desktop or mobile.

14 extensions or plugins

The templates, together with the complete package of 14 plugins, provided a complete solution for a complete online purchase anticipating all needs.

Color versions

You can choose your favorite color or use our preset template colors.

Optimized SEO

Nap template following SEO using best practices and URL friendly markup.


No Prisma theme plugin

This template includes 12 very useful plugins:

  • Nop Ajax Filters
  • Nop Anywhere Sliders
  • Nop JCarousel
  • Nop Mega Menu
  • Nop Quick View
  • Nop Quick Tabs
  • Nop Ajax Cart
  • Nop Instant Search
  • Nop Cloud Zoom
  • Nop Product Ribbons
  • Nop Rich Blog
  • Nop Smart Product Collections


We will introduce you to some of these plugins below.

Product Grid plugin:

You can choose between two or three or four items in each row.

Mega Menu plugin:

The NapCommerce Mega Menu plugin adds a powerful and flexible sliding mega menu to your online store so that your users and customers can navigate your online store easily and effectively.

Plug-ins for Smart Product Collections:

With the smart product collection plugin, you can better manage the products on the homepage of your online store. You can view product categories with subcategories or a collection of products such as new, on sale, special or best sellers.

Rich blog plugins:

The Rich Blog plugin helps you manage your blog content better. In addition to being able to use selected blog posts on your online store homepage, search the blog, and organize your blog content into different categories, you can now have a featured blog post on the category page. .

Ajax Filters plugin:

With this plugin your customers will be able to choose one of the "price-manufacturer-specifications-features" filters and see the products sorted according to the selected filter. This plugin is integrated and uses the "categories, manufacturers and sellers" sections of your NapCommerce store.

Homepage slider plugin:

You can choose a full-width (full-width) slider for your online store homepage from the theme management section.